How can I know myself?

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How can I know myself?

We always perceive that we know each other quite well and no one else will identify us as we or the people close to us.

It is necessary to be clear about the points that we know about our person in the first place and that others do not know about our personality, like those traits that we have not known about ourselves and others if they detect it, the data that the others do not know about us and we do not know either and finally those details that we know about our person and the other people know about us.

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This knowledge will help us to direct our collaborators or peers in our ecosystem and for this you must know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

This is very important for us to know what are the traits and that in the eyes of others we can be seen as co-workers or as linear leaders and not as a person with valuable leadership to lead situations and collaborators.

In this case we must know our opportunities, limitations,
We must look for feedback.
Obtain learning lessons from the mistakes we have made.
Having developed the openness to criticism.
Do not carry out defensive attitudes that inhibit reflection.
Talk about our faults.

To know in which area you are located at this stage I suggest you do the following questionnaire.

Now you know a little more that you need to be able to advance to lead your collaborators.

If you need something more specific you can write on the website

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